Compliance in focus

Undoubtedly, the landscape of regulations is vast and ever-changing. As regulations continue to evolve and expand, businesses face increasing challenges in maintaining compliance.

Given that compliance plays a crucial role in an organization's overall corporate governance program, it is imperative for companies to consider adopting regulatory technologies (RegTech) to effectively meet compliance requirements and remain in adherence.

RegTech focuses on leveraging a combination of regulatory requirements and technology to conduct advanced regulatory data analytics. This enables the examination of data in novel ways, leading to more insightful management information and a deeper understanding of regulatory practices. Additionally, it facilitates further improvements in compliance reasoning and processes.

A regulatory compliance management system serves as the means by which an organization accomplishes the following:

  • Acquires comprehensive knowledge of its compliance responsibilities.
  • Ensures that employees have a clear understanding of these responsibilities.
  • Incorporates compliance requirements into business processes.
  • Regularly examines operations to ensure that responsibilities are fulfilled, and requirements are met.
  • Implements corrective actions whenever necessary.

RegTech, or Regulatory Technology, refers to the use of technology to help companies comply with regulatory requirements. The goal of RegTech is to make compliance more efficient and cost-effective for companies while also improving the ability of regulators to monitor and enforce compliance. 
Rabbit-Hole RCM use RegTech to provide a framework of laws and regulations repositories issued from different regulatory bodies in digital format and in different languages.
Laws and regulations are linked to business units, products, services, policies, procedures, and objectives to provide a 360-degree visibility.